Get that audio out

So there's a music video and you want just the music? Or you have a speech video and you just want the speech? Well it turns out it isn't that hard to extract audio from video.

Under Windows there are several free solutions. Some of them are: AoA Audio Extractor FREE, Free Video to MP3 Converter.

If you are a Linux person then your task is reduced to the simple:

ffmpeg -i video.avi extracted_audio.mp3

In Linux there is usually more than several ways to do anything so here we go with option #2:

mplayer -dumpaudio video.avi -dumpfile extracted_audio.mp3

If you have a whole bunch of audio files to extract audio from you can be a Linux geek and do this:

find /path/to/videos -name '*.avi' -exec ffmpeg -i {} {}.mp3 \;
find /path/to/videos -name '*.avi.mp3' -exec rename 's/\.avi\.mp3/.mp3/' {} \;

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