Hiding and reordering columns in the TYPO3 backend

It turns out to be a matter of keeping things nice and neat, and it can save you from the headache of trying to figure out why that content just refuses to show up in the fronted.


And it happened to me a few minutes ago. I wasted about 15 minutes trying to figure it out. So, being the guy that hates to make same mistake twice I am going to hide the border column on my latest portal. And here is how you can do it for your selves.

  • Go to the Root-Page of your Website
  • Click on "Edit page header"
  • Add this line to the TSConfig field:


This way, the border column is hidden in the backend, which I believe is a very common scenario.

The values for the columns are the following:

0 - Normal
1 - Left
2 - Right
3 - Border

Note that the order of the columns also matters. You can have it so that the main content column, i.e. 'Normal' is first to the left and that two smaller columns are to the right, which is also the layout I used on my latest portal. To get this configuration you would use the code:

mod.SHARED.colPos_list = 0,1,2

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